Hi, I'm Cali—Copywriter, Content Strategist, Director of Marketing, and Busy Bee. 


I'm a trained historian. That means I spent eight of the past 10 years studying history—from early American settlements and the pulpits of the American Revolution to kitchens of the 1960s and the 20th century urban landscape.

History taught me how to research. History taught me how to write. Most importantly, history taught me empathy.

These skills are necessary for the marketing professional, and they've served me well as a copywriter, content strategist, and now as a Director of Marketing. 

If you need to me make an even stronger case for the importance of the Humanities for all organizations and every industry, let's chat

History also taught me about Upton Sinclair, his EPIC Plan, and the importance of the busy bee. 

They work hard and know how to defend themselves.
— Upton Sinclair

In the 1934, Upton Sinclair ran for Governor of California on the Socialist ticket. It's been said his campaign changed California politics forever. The cornerstone of his political platform was the End Poverty in California Plan, or the EPIC Plan. His campaign posters featured a bee with the words Protect and Defend emblazoned across the bottom. When asked why Sinclair chose the bee he replied, "Because they work hard and know how to defend themselves." 

That's me. I'm a bee—a busy bee who works hard and knows how to defend herself. You can learn more about me here. And if you'd like to read my thoughts on marketing and advertising, you can find those here